The ‘Love Egg’ could help you give even better oral sex

You might have seen the headline and wondered, “What the heck is a love eggs?”

A love egg, which is not to be confused with the masturbation sleeves Tenga Eggs, is a small egg-shaped vibrator The egg is inserted into the vagina just like a Kegel ball. The egg is usually equipped with a tail or dangling string for easy removal and remote control to adjust vibration patterns. Many have their own smartphone apps! Technology is fun.

They have an internal motor that can adjust the speed and setting of the vibrations. They are lightweight, waterproof, rechargeable, and easy to store and transport with.

Although love eggs aren’t new to the sex scene, they are rarely seen in the spotlight. They can really up the ante in intercourse (yes, it’s possible to leave it in during sex). They can also be used for foreplay and intercourse. They shine during oral sex.

All the information you need is here. This is how to use a love eggs to improve your oral sex skills. This is the revolution, and you heard it first.


Why do we love the love eggs :

Low-key, love eggs are the unsung heroes that intensify pleasure. We don’t talk about them.

The entire clitoral network is involved in a love egg. The egg’s smooth surface makes them more diffused than pointed antennae-like structures that are found on a Phallic Vibrating Device equipped with clitoral extremities. Some people prefer a more tranquil feeling.

A little less intense vibration is produced by the love egg than regular vibrators, which can produce a more intense vibration. A love egg can help increase your arousal and make you more aware of your deeper pleasure centers. It can also bring you closer to sexual desire. Bliss Vixen says that the eggs come in different sizes and that you can choose a larger one if you desire a more intense sensation.


Oral sex and love eggs: It’s a match made in Heaven

A love egg can be used during oral sex to increase the overall sensations of your partner, allowing for deeper, more intense orgasms. A love egg, unlike larger, bulkier vibrators pops right into the vagina, leaving all of the vulvae open for you to enjoy.

Expert recommends that you start with the egg outside the vagina and then warm your partner before inserting the egg into the canal. While the egg rests on your mons pubis, place your tongue on the lumba. Place the egg in the vaginal opening, while your tongue is touching the clitoris.

You can continue with your normal business, knowing that the egg has been inserted. It will handle deeper vibrations, stimulate the G-spot and anterior fornix, as well as the rest of the clitoral networks. This makes oral sex more enjoyable, and you don’t have to multitask!

Bliss Vixen believes that a hanging tail can bring excitement to the relationship. To reach sensitive areas of your partner, such as their clitoris, clitoralhood, or vulva, bend your tail. For more sensation against your partner’s vaginal opening or G-spot, you can gently tug on the tail and rock it back and forth.

Your tongue should be focused on the external clitoris. You can move your tongue in a number of ways, up and down, as well as around it in circles. Before engaging in oral sex, it is important to get to know your partner. Every vulva’s anatomy is unique.