Which Level Of Security Does Your Need?

High-quality locks act as strong deterrents. When it comes to choosing the right level of security for your application and getting the best value, it is important to consider the environmental, logistical, and threats. Camlock Systems will talk with you about your circumstances to determine the risk to your assets. We at Selectlok listen to what you need and ensure that you get the right level of security for your application.

It is important to understand the purpose of the lock and what it is worth. Also, consider the consequences of any damage or loss. It is important to know where the lock is located.

  • Is the site monitored or unmanned?
  • Hidden view or public view?
  • Are you in an area that has a history of vandalism and vandalism?

Consider who has access to the keys and how often they will be used. Also, think about whether the lock is standalone, part of a set, or if it is part of a larger suite. We will help you choose the best product for your needs by determining all these factors.

Environmental Factors

When choosing a locking system, it is important to consider the environment in which it will be used. We can help you choose the right products for your needs, including longevity and durability.

Camlock Systems offers a variety of products that include weather-resistant, hard-wearing locking systems. We can also talk with you about the best materials for your needs.

Do You Have To Comply With Security Standards?

We can help you find a better solution when a product is subject to attack testing to ensure it meets a particular standard. We have over 100 years of experience in locking systems and can offer unique insights. We have learned that how locks are fitted can help prevent forced entry just as much as its inherent strength.

We will be happy to advise you on the best installation techniques that will increase the lock’s integrity.

Additional accessories, such as reinforcement sleeves, protective collars, and backing nuts can be ordered to increase the operational strength.

Key Configuration

There are four options available when choosing keys for a set of mechanical locks.

Keyed alike A set of locks or suites can be obtained with one key combination. The convenience of using any key in the suite to operate any lock or combination of locks is possible with a keyed-alike (or “keyed-to pass”) suite.

Keyed for differing A collection of locks that can be used to open and close doors. Each lock is controlled by its key.

Master keyed is a common method of opening all locks in a hotel suite with one key. These keys can be used to open each lock individually.

Variable – A changeable combination locking system is also known as ‘Camatic, Multi-code or U-Change locks. This lock design offers several interchangeable key combinations. It also includes two types of keys: an ‘Operating key to open the lock, and a Change key for programming.

Key Management

Your security is not always at risk from a malicious attack or skilled lock-picker. It’s a key that’s beyond your control.

Camlock Systems is a partner that makes it easy to protect your assets from all these risks.

We can help you design the perfect system to protect your keys and keep unauthorized access out of your locks. You can register your keys online and order replacement keys.