IQOS 3 Duo Review – One Of the Best Low-Risk Nicotine Delivery Solutions

The IQOS 3 DUO is a pocket-sized, portable device that replicates the smoking act more genuinely than e-liquid vaporizers. Besides, it does not burn tobacco at 900°C like conventional cigarettes. It heats the tobacco leaves at 350°C. It means the toxic byproducts like CO and tar are reduced vastly, if not eliminated. 

Real tobacco leaves are compressed into miniature cigarettes and brimmed with filter tips. People call them sticks but PMI founder names it HEETS. You can buy IQOS 3 Duo and HEETs on 

How does the Duo device work?

It has two parts –

  • Battery-powered charger.
  • Pen-shaped holder to insert HEET.

Push the stick inside the holder with the filter up. Press the activation button situated on the holder. A flat element starts to heat the HEET stick to 350°C. You will feel a vibration from the holder, which indicates that you start to puff like normal cigarettes. 

You can get 16 puffs from every HEET before the heating element shuts down with a warning buzz. Remove the used HEET and place the holder in the charger to top-up for 4 minutes. You are preparing for your next smoking session. Consumers can enjoy approximately 20 sessions with every fully charged device. The duo will need regular cleaning for better performance. After every 10 puffing sessions clean the device with cleaning buds supplied with the kit. 

What is IQOS 3 DUO like to use?

The HEET sticks imitate the cigarette smoking experience. Fewer vapors are generated than e-liquid but when you exhale smoke is visible. The taste is nearly close to a conventional cigarette and the throat hit is decent. The smell is a little like burnt toast but the best part is the system cannot leak like the majority of e-liquids. HEETs don’t make clothes smell because the aerosol evaporates quickly and even the faint odor dissipates. 

IQOS is a great way to switch to and quit tobacco smoking. If you have not smoked then it is sensible to stay away from tobacco products even if it claims to be a safe alternative. 

Is DUO safe?

PMI conducted independent research that reports the IQOS system to be less risky than conventional tobacco smoking. FDA declared that the claim must not be used in promoting the product in the US market. FDA agreed that Heat-not-burn cigarettes decrease consumers’ exposure to tar and carbon monoxide. 


The HEETs are available in 8 flavors –

  1. Amber
  2. Teak
  3. Turquoise
  4. Sienna
  5. Yellow
  6. Blue
  7. Caps
  8. Russet

Amber is close to Marlboro’s taste and smell. Sienna and Yellow have an intense flavor and strong hit. Russet offers rich, bold, and toasted tobacco flavor with malty aromas. Caps, Turquoise, and Blue are for those who prefer menthol flavors. 


Even though IQOS 3 DUO emulates the experience and taste of real cigarette smoking much better than other vaporizer types, some consumers find HEET taste not so great. However, soon they can get used to 3 DUO and HEETs because of a silver lining that IQOS is claimed to be a safe option.