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Can I wash my waterhog mat?

Regular vacuuming and waterhog mats are recommended in order to remove all the dirt and debris that may have accumulated in deep crevices. Waterhog mats might be washed occasionally with a powerful garden hose along with some soapy warm water to loosen the dirt and grime. How do rugs be washed? You may also be …


Borates In Glass: Making Great Technology Even Better

Glass is one of our oldest and most well-engineered technologies. It is also one of the most promising contemporary technologies. This material is essential in many of our daily products. Through ongoing research, process adaptations, and industry partnerships, glass producers are helping to ensure that this versatile material has a long-term future. Borates are part …


What Does An ISO 9001 Certification Mean?

The ISO is an independent non-governmental international organization that develops standards for products, services, or systems to ensure safety, quality, and efficiency. Technology is constantly evolving, so new standards are created and implemented by all levels in the global industry that goes through standardization. ISO 9000.2015 describes the fundamental concepts of quality management that can …


What’s the Best Supercharger?

People who are passionate about performance cars will recognize the terms procharged or turbocharged as common lingo. Turbochargers aside, more and more people choose a charger instead of a supercharger. But what’s the difference between the two and, more importantly, how do they differ? An auto lingo that is not very clear can make it …